初二英语作文 时间:2020-03-02 观后感 一课 开学 


  For those who are novel coronavirus pneumonia, this disease is a pain in their life. In the face of suffering, some people feel self grunted, others give up easily, others are not discouraged and have courage and confidence.


  I don't know if you are touched by a picture of my little brother reading in the hospital bed of fangcang hospital. This young man with a mask, half lying on the bed, is reading with a thick book in his hand. As a netizen said: in such an environment as fangcang, we can't breathe when we see the pictures, let alone the people in it.


  The picture of my little brother reminds me of the saying "books are the most patient, patient and pleasant companions. It will not abandon you in any time of hardship.


  The way the little brother read in the hospital bed is that we should have a "posture" in the face of suffering, so that people can see the power of life.


  A little sister who novel coronavirus pneumonia has been caught in the heat search, and got the attention of millions of netizens. Her experience of self healing has given countless people confidence and hope.


  "To win this battle, everyone is making their own efforts. For us, we should not spread rumors or believe them, and protect ourselves." She wrote on Weibo. Not because there is hope, so stick to it, but because stick to it and see hope.


  How to meet changes and challenges?


  For you, this new term is bound to be "special". Because of the epidemic, you have to postpone to school, and start the new term at home. Leaving the familiar classroom and teachers, the day of studying alone at home will make you feel novel and even a little flustered.


  The learning environment has changed and the way of learning has changed. Are you ready to deal with it?


  You need to know that the only constant in the world is the change itself. Nothing will remain the same. Challenges are everywhere in life and learning. The current learning state, for you, is the challenge. How to deal with it?


  Coping with challenges is never a empty talk, but starts from the moment and every move, such as adjusting your mind, gradually letting yourself into a learning state, and quickly closing your mind; making a plan for yourself, which time to sleep, which time to exercise, and achieving a number in your mind; Living at home, out of the classroom learning atmosphere, we should ask ourselves to develop good learning habits, to lay the foundation for the new semester.


  The crisis is also an opportunity. I hope you can have more thinking and growth through this epidemic.


  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hubei has been the top priority of the national epidemic prevention and control. On January 23, Wuhan closed the city and suspended all public transportation. As a major disaster area, Wuhan people responded overnight and built firewalls with other regions at the cost of their own suffering. These actions are not "taken for granted" or "deserved", but are worthy of our respect and help.


  There are many ordinary people like you and me living in Wuhan. There are many students like you. They are also star catching, and they also love to go shopping and drink milk tea. Similarly, they occasionally feel hot and make complaints about their life. In this national disaster, Hubei people of Wuhan are the most suffering compatriots. At the moment, every ordinary person in Wuhan is suffering from all kinds of pressure, anxiety and grievance. We can experience less than one in a thousand. There are also millions of Wuhan compatriots living in other regions who are also facing various difficulties.


  We should always remember that we are fighting against viruses, not our compatriots. We can't shout "come on Wuhan" on the Internet and treat our compatriots in Wuhan who live in the same city coldly. People's worries about high-risk groups are understandable, but even if they can't help because of fear, the bottom line is not to discriminate.


  There is a term in medicine called "feeling of shame", also known as "feeling of stigma", which refers to a kind of psychological stress response of patients due to illness. The sense of shame makes patients not only suffer from physical pain, but also suffer from discrimination from the outside of society, which aggravates the sufferings of patients. This kind of discrimination will make some patients feel ashamed to cover up their illness, and thus unable to protect other healthy people. This is related to the patients' inner perception and social discrimination, which is the result of internal and external factors.


  Our compatriots in Wuhan have no original sin, and those from Hubei have no original sin. How we treat them today is actually how we treat ourselves tomorrow. We have received all kinds of education from small to large, which is to learn to actively obtain different perspectives, understand different people, experiences and history; let ourselves get the expansion of ideas, the deepening of empathy, and the broadening of vision. At the moment of the epidemic, we all need to be empathetic and help each other.