Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak suddenly hit the beginning of the new year in 2020. In this critical period of virus and national resistance, many party members and cadres volunteered to fight on the front line of "epidemic" to build a great steel wall for us to fight against the epidemic. Unfortunately, some of them died bravely, and their lives were fixed on the front line of "epidemic". They are unknown, some can not even find a decent picture, but their deeds are great enough to be remembered and saluted by each of us.


  The people's police are sorry for the people and mother's birthday. "It's the duty of the people's police to crack down on crimes. It's my bounden duty to guarantee the safety of people's lives and property." This is the motto Li Xian, a policeman of Taishan branch of Taian Public Security Bureau of Shandong Province, has always adhered to since the police. After the outbreak, Li Xian knew that the epidemic was an order, and prevention and control was a responsibility. In this silent battle, he took the initiative to fight ahead and always stood at the forefront of the network investigation of illegal and criminal cases. The overworked work made him feel ill obviously. He had a bad headache for three days in a row. The leaders and colleagues advised him to go back to rest, but he just lay on the desk, pressed his temples with both hands, and continued to stick to his post. In January 21st, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control period was also on the day of mother's birthday. When Lee string worked overtime to carry out the epidemic network open inspection law enforcement and case study, the sudden cerebral hemorrhage fell to the work post and unfortunately died on the public. The 37 year old people's police officer set his precious life on this day. Always bear in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, Li Xian has composed the magnificent poems of the people's police for the people in the new era in an unknown way.


  The people's soldiers serve the people, and the veterans remain loyal. "The task of epidemic prevention and control in the unit is heavy, and the team members insist on the front line of prevention and control. As the leader of the squadron, I am still a party member. I can't fall behind. I can carry it. I will ask for leave and rest after the epidemic is over!" said Chen Zaihua, deputy squadron leader of Datong Street, Datong District Urban Management Bureau, Huainan City, Anhui Province, when he declined his wife's persuasion. Chen Zaihua is a veteran for many years. After he retired, he has always maintained the style of military. In his work, he has always been brave and courageous. After the outbreak, he returned to work as soon as possible, led the team members in charge, banned all live poultry trading markets in his area, closed all food stalls, and actively publicized the scientific knowledge and policies of epidemic prevention and control. He worked for more than 10 hours every day for many days. He suffered from physical problems and sudden myocardial infarction. On February 3, he died after ineffective rescue. His 48 year old precious life was fixed on this day. The "old scalper" of the urban management front integrates the original intention and mission into the ordinary work, leaving us a great figure.


  People's cadres for the people, have reported the spring breeze know you. "As long as it's a matter of work, I've never heard her say" no "or" no " This is my colleague 's evaluation of Jiang Na, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the first seven towns in Changling County, Jilin province. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, Jiang Na was responsible for the publicity work. Since January 26, she has been on the front line. In order to spread the knowledge of prevention and control to every family, she timely organized personnel to issue leaflets and broadcast through loudspeakers, with no details and participation in everything. February 4, spring, although the wind is still so sharp, but spring is quietly coming to us, and the 41 year old people's cadre is on the way to the checkpoint to check and distribute drugs, unfortunately died in a car accident, and his precious life is fixed on this day. Rooted in the countryside for 19 years, she sticks to her original heart and fulfills her mission. She runs in villages for more than 20 days a month. She is only for the masses to get out of poverty early and be gentle and humble. What people around her feel from her is always warmth. This is Jiang Na, an excellent Communist. She engraved the infinite loyalty to the party in her heart, put the love for the people in her heart, and annotated the mission of the party members and the people's cadres with her life.


  "The heroic spirit of heaven and earth, awe inspiring for thousands of years.". General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "a hopeful nation can not have no hero, and a promising country can not have no avant-garde." In the critical moment, countless party members and cadres, such as Li Xian, Chen Zaihua and Jiang Na, rushed forward and exchanged their hard work and even their lives for Guotai Mingan. It is their efforts that make us firmly believe that the epidemic will pass and spring will come. These heroes deserve our memory and respect forever