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  "We are here to celebrate the new year. You are helping us pass the customs." salute the front-line medical staff: you are safe, and 1.4 billion people will be safe! " "Isolate the virus, but not love. Because love is a bridge "


  In this year's Spring Festival Gala, there is an unusual show that has not been rehearsed. This is "love is a bridge" brought by Bai Yansong, Kang Hui, Shui Junyi, he Hongmei, Haixia and Ouyang Xiadan. They pay homage to all the medical staff who are fighting in the front line of fighting against the new coronavirus epidemic and the people who are in the epidemic area, and express the determination of hundreds of millions of people to be with Wuhan and overcome the difficulties together in the tense time of epidemic prevention and control: "there is no place where we can't go. Come to Wuhan, come to China! "


  Looking back in the future, it must be the most unforgettable New Year's Eve. The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China. The strong taste of the year, the warmth of family reunion, and the atmosphere of joy and festivity deeply penetrate into the cultural genes of every Chinese people, which is our deepest expectation for the Spring Festival. But this year, during the epidemic ridden Spring Festival, many things have to press the pause button, and many activities involving crowd gatherings have to stop, which means that many families cannot get together.


  We can't get together, but we can get together. The epidemic can isolate us, but it has its own power to connect us. As some netizens said, "the Spring Festival Gala is not only the spiritual totem of our Chinese people, but also the place to gather Chinese strength. No matter where we are, our hearts are together." This may be the most unsettled Spring Festival in many people's memory, but this is the most unified Spring Festival in the whole country: from the general instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping to the comprehensive deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council; from the veteran academicians to the first line, to the medical staff who are retrograde in the white dress; from the railway and civil aviation departments, the refund of the tickets is free and large-scale activities are decisively cancelled, and the relevant departments and enterprises are urgently needed. Transfer materials, the people of the whole country to help each other A new great wall stands tall to fight the epidemic.


  In front of the disaster, the performance of the Wuhan people is the epitome of the Chinese people. From more than 5000 years of hardship, the Chinese nation has gradually formed a national character of perseverance and perseverance. New China's 70 years of development have never been smooth sailing. However, even in the face of natural disasters and twists and turns, we have never been too low. At all crisis times, we have become more and more united, more and more tenacious. "The braver will win in the narrow road" and "the more difficult and dangerous, the more forward". This is the unique spirit of the Chinese people and the national soul of the Chinese people. Generation after generation of Chinese people, with their practical actions, have practiced the gold content of the word "take on", guarding their families and countries against disasters and standing still. Thus, the Chinese nation can become a nation that has never been destroyed by the fire, and a nation that has gone through a hundred twists and turns and has always been unyielding.​https://m.zuowenla.cn


  In addition to cheering for Wuhan, this Spring Festival Gala also takes us back to the past year's major events, trivial matters, pleasures and regrets. "Carnival along the road", "go through the motions", "happy news from the border", "my motherland", "the Great Wall never fall", "snow dumplings"... The program shows people's sense of gain and happiness, the homesickness and patriotism of the Chinese people, and the struggle to win the victory of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and to fight against poverty. "Time belongs to those who are striving, history belongs to those who are striving". At this moment, all Chinese people gather together, not only to fight against the epidemic - we are all on a big ship called "China" and on a sea called "new era", seize the day and never lose the time.


  This winter, the sudden new coronavirus is a wave on the sea. Although it brings us worry and fear, it also shows us our great wisdom, courage and determination: as long as we are closely united, there will be no insurmountable difficulties.