When a gust of wind blows, I unconsciously want to wrap my coat tightly. When I look up, the top of my head is no longer a thick shade. When the lonely Avenue is full of flowers, I just withdraw from the busy life every day. Suddenly, I find that the original autumn has already arrived quietly.


  On the 13th, it's Chongyang Festival. Unfortunately, I can't run out and get together with my family. I stand alone on the mall of the school, watching the leaves being forced to leave their sweet nest by the wind one after another, stained with dust, return to the earth, and then wait for the next year's spring. Is there any life in the world different from this Yes, life is a circle, we can't get out of it.


  These dead leaves, which have fallen to their roots, naturally make me feel sad. I think of the people I used to be, the things I used to be, my grandfather who died for many years and my grandmother who is now old.


  Even though I was very young when my grandfather died, even though I was not sensible at that time, I thought he was only joking with me when he was just sleeping. But when the atmosphere around me became more and more dignified and infected me, as if Grandpa would never wake up again, I would no longer laugh. But I didn't cry like other people, I don't know why, I can't cry


  At this moment, when I close my eyes, I can still clearly see the pain of the whole family at that time. I can see my father's twisted eyebrows, grandma's and mother's red eyes crying. My ears seemed to be filled with tears of my family, and I sobbed in my heart from time to time. I remember that in the small bungalow in the countryside, I was still shaking when I walked. My grandparents took my little hand and led me forward step by step. In that endless rape field, I, who have grown up a little bit, like a little bee, run from east to West in a golden field, and then run from one end to the other, until I am exhausted and have no strength to lie straight in the field, and when I go home, I am scolded by my grandma because of the full body of pollen, while my grandfather, just sitting by and watching my jokes, I remember His smile, two thin paper like lips, showing a yellow tooth, cheekbones raised high, a face all wrinkled together, so ugly. I used to feel angry, helpless and disgusted with that smile, but now No matter how I do it, how I think about it, that smile can't appear in front of me, even once. Since then, that kind of smile has become my biggest extravagant hope, only turned into missing to follow him.


  Take my thoughts back to the reality, open my eyes and look at the present, my little paradise has long been moved, the golden rape field no longer exists, and my grandfather and I are only separated by heaven and man forever, I don't know how it all happened, as if yesterday, yesterday I was still the wandering flower sea child, yesterday grandpa was not still around me smiling at me. What's the matter? Did all this happen overnight?


  I really can't bear to think of this. People often say that the biggest pain in the world is the eternal separation between man and nature. Yes, it's undoubtedly a hundred times more painful than the pain of cone heart. But what's funny is that we are always challenging his bottom line. We have to wait until we stand on the edge of the deep cliff to remember to rein in the precipice. I saw an advertisement on TV that the old man is full of heart during the festival Happy to prepare a table of vegetables waiting for the son and daughter to bring their granddaughter to the reunion, "Dingling bell..." The first old man picked up the phone tremblingly, and there came his son's voice, "Mom, I won't come back from the meeting today, that's all." The old man was disappointed, but he thought about his daughter. But then, his daughter's phone number was "Mom, I'll take my baby to the steak. You remember to eat yourself!" The old man seemed to want to say something else, but there was no voice at that end. The old man only shook and put down the phone. That night, the old man spent a long night alone facing the silent TV Seeing this scene that many people have been used to, I feel sad that my mind has changed a lot. Respecting and loving the old is not just talking. What they really need is a meal for family reunion. Maybe they often have a lot of nagging, but don't ignore the essence of love. Maybe they will forget a lot of things when they are old, but the only thing they don't forget is love you.


  I hope that all the old people in every Double Ninth Festival in the future can enjoy the happiness of Tianlun, and also hope that each of us can make an autumnal chrysanthemum of proud frost, which is not contaminated by the secular world. I hope that the years will be quiet and good, and keep the most pure appearance of the world.