New year's day, our hearts, tightly tied together.


  Hot search topics on the Internet are no longer as complex as usual, but become pure; the information in the circle of friends is mostly the reminders of family and friends about safety and health.


  Because we have worries in our hearts, we are paying close attention to the unexpected epidemic; because we have love in our hearts, we are all looking forward to the happy Chinese year.


  "I especially want to pay a new year's Eve to all the white angels fighting in the front line. We are here for the new year, but you are in the hospital to help us pass the customs."


  "I want to give a new year to all Hubei people and isolate the virus, but I will never isolate love."


  "Spending more time with your family, family and love this year is your greatest contribution to the fight against the epidemic."


  "The same world, the same protection of health, please believe that China, everything will be better!"




  This is an unprecedented performance of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2020 without rehearsal - the tearful lines in the situational report love is a bridge. The program was novel coronavirus, Bai Yansong, Shui Junyi, Kang Hui, He Hongmei, Hai Xia and Ouyang Xiadan, who were the six leading hosts of the central broadcasting and television station. They were salute to the white angels and all the citizens of Wuhan who fought against the new coronavirus pneumonia.


  The annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala, known as the "new folk custom", has become a unique "New Year's dinner" for Chinese all over the world. This situation will certainly inspire people to fight against the epidemic, strengthen their confidence, unite people's minds, unite as one, and overcome the difficulties together. If the best program of this year's Spring Festival Gala is selected, the scenario report "love is a bridge" with "hard core" deserves it.


  A successful work is to find the empathy with the audience. Generally speaking, CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2020 keeps improving, is different, refreshing, distracted and successful.


  With the outbreak, this year's Spring Festival is no longer "lively". For the sake of safety, people put on masks and take protective measures to reduce going out and "staying in a deep house". Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility. Every one of us is contributing to the prevention and control of national epidemics by raising our vigilance, not taking chances and enhancing our self-awareness of disease prevention. From another point of view, we spend more time at home during the Spring Festival holiday. Don't we have more time to accompany the elderly and children?


  If one side is in trouble, all sides should support it. In recent days, loving materials and aid forces from all over the country have come to Wuhan, Hubei Province. Novel coronavirus infection was first launched in January 25th. 8 hours later that night, the first batch of Shandong provincial medical teams to assist in the prevention and control of new coronavirus infection in Wuhan city of Hubei province went on the March. The first batch of 138 medical members left their families and took the heavy support of the whole Province to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work. This is a "war" without smoke of gunpowder. They are "rebels" with great love, brave "fighters" and the pride of the people of the whole province. We look forward to their early triumph and safe return.


  "There is no time to be quiet, just someone to carry on the load for you." the cold winter will finally pass, let's meet again in spring.


  Go China!