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  Coming from the misty rain, you are an oil paper umbrella on my shoulder; going to travel in the chilly spring, you and I are flying in the frost and snow; I ride on the galloping horse, gallop, my motherland is so vast


  Today, I am seventeen years old, and my scholar spirit is flourishing; now you are seventy years old, and you are prosperous and vigorous. Looking back at the past and looking at the present - at the seventieth birthday of the motherland, I am filled with emotion: living in the arms of the motherland's mother, I feel very happy!


  My seventeen is hard won.


  The innocence and happiness of childhood are like passing clouds, and the father's neglect of work makes the originally abundant and harmonious family go to pieces. Mother for me, a bear again, and finally for me, angrily left. I drifted around with my mother, and almost lived in every corner of the city - the unheated winter passed, and the dry and powerless summer. I'm waiting for my hard-working mother in the dark living room. The crooked words in my homework book are reflected by the green light on the screen of the landline machine. Maybe I won't be afraid to hear my mother's voice, so I think, I pick up the phone, but I think it's evening, my mother should be driving, it's not convenient to answer the phone, I put down the phone and sit quietly on the bench. The neighbor's light is warm. From time to time, children's laughter comes from me I'm just a kid, too. I was afraid, questioned and wanted to escape, but I knew my mother was really hard I sobbed, picked up my pencil and went on with the question. The wind outside makes the door creak, the broken glass trembles on the window lattice again, the room is dark, only the cold green light and blurred eyes are slightly bright


  There have been so many nights like this. It's better to face life with a smile than to hide and wipe tears secretly. Be happy and fight for what you love. Now, my mother and I live in a new home simple but happy. Although not very rich, but this is the result of our efforts.


  In this way, I grew to seventeen. Even if there are a thousand disagreements, we should go forward with a smile. As long as you smile in the face of life, all the difficulties will eventually become the past!


  Your "Seventy" is a bumpy journey.


  Once a war under the pretext of opium opened China's closed door. Since then, China has bowed its head. One after another, they were beaten to the ground, one after another, and they made reparation treaties. September 18th Incident, Lugouqiao Incident, Nanjing Massacre After all, too many sufferings have made the Chinese understand that if they fall behind, they will be beaten.


  The lesson of blood made us wake up, and we finally raised our heads to fight against the bloody wind and rain!




  On October 1, 1949, the people's Republic of China was established and the Chinese people stood up. Even though the founding of the people's Republic of China was difficult, the new China still created miracles, making all the humiliation a thing of the past!


  I can't live a happy life without my motherland. I remember when I was in sixth grade, I went to Korea with my mother. When we left the mall, we separated. Foreign countries, language barrier, also do not know the way, my restlessness surged to my heart. At the crossroads, I saw a masked man carrying a black box, surrounded by the police but afraid to come forward. People around screamed and fled. I cried in panic. Although my mother finally found me, I still remember that scene. This is something I haven't met in China and don't have to worry about. Our security is also envied by many foreigners!


  Some of the outlaws, living in peace and prosperity, do not know how to cherish them. The recent "Hong Kong Independence" elements are a typical example. Whether it is Hong Kong Independence or Taiwan independence, they are all those who believe in foreign countries and sell their country for profit. Here I want to tell them solemnly: wake up, we have only one country, she is our China!


  Our China is vast, the desert receives the sun; our China, the small bridge, the flowing water, the bright moon, the lotus I can't help remembering the "my motherland" I recited when I was a child. The time passed quickly. In an instant, my family became rich, my motherland became strong, and I grew up.


  I love you, my China. I want to paint a more beautiful picture for my 70 year old mother with my 17-year-old beautiful years! Wish my mother always full of hope, wish my motherland always vigorous!