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  When a novel coronavirus pneumonia patient appeared in large numbers, a name appeared in the public view. He was Zhong Nanshan, 84 years old. Zhong Nanshan is an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and an expert in respiratory diseases. As soon as he appears, the patient will be saved. He should be the great savior of the patients with respiratory diseases.


  In fact, this is not the first time that he appeared in the public field of vision and became the focus of attention. In 2003, Zhong Nanshan's R & D organization made great contributions in overcoming the SARS epidemic.


  Zhong Nanshan once had a famous saying: "hospital is the battlefield, as soldiers, we don't rush up, who goes up?" now, he is a very old man, regardless of the danger of his life, determined to march to Wuhan again. Earlier, after analyzing and studying the news of his illness, he immediately conveyed his suggestion: "my general view is not to go to Wuhan without special circumstances". But in the evening of January 18, when he advised others not to go to Wuhan, he went to the forefront of epidemic prevention in Wuhan without hesitation. As a soldier, he rushed forward again! What a lovely old man, the appearance of Zhong Nanshan seems to be a dose of social emotion Tranquilizers, in the eyes of the public, represent integrity, science, and so on. More @ People's daily micro blog commented on him as follows: at the age of 84, Zhong Nanshan has academician's specialty, warrior's bravery and national scholar's responsibility. All the way to work tirelessly, full of responsibility for the country and the people, it's really impressive!


  In fact, it's not only him, but also the medical staff. In the face of many dangers and special circumstances, they are still determined to stand up for heaven and earth, for the people, for the saints, and for peace.


  When many people were frightened, Dr. blueberry's microblog sent a message that "the second batch of volunteers in Tongji Hospital has been fully registered". In one of the application forms, we saw such a clanking oath: "if necessary, I will voluntarily sign up for various activities of treating viral pneumonia in the hospital, regardless of pay, regardless of life or death.". The words are extremely close, unforgettable, unforgettable, and unforgettable in their popularity in this war without smoke of gunpowder.


  Doctor's labor intensity is very high, the salary is not very high, and in recent years, there have been many medical incidents, medical work is a high-risk job. But why hasn't the number of medical students decreased? I found the answer.


  These people have a common dream in their hearts, a dream to save thousands of people in the midst of disease! They are great! Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, said: life is the most important, there are thousands of precious gold, one side of the economy, virtue is more than this. The work of doctors is sacred. They are willing to sacrifice for others and have noble moral character. Angel in white, the term, refers to a doctor. Aren't doctors angels who share love equally with everyone in the world? Angels who give their lives to their careers? Angels who give their health back to their patients? They deserve the name.


  The ancients said, "if you are not good, you will be a good doctor." Great China, with a long history and various industries, only the combination of medical treatment. Angel in white, what a noble title. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor who saves lives. I will fight for it and strive to be at the forefront of saving lives as soon as possible.


  In the process of prevention, control and rescue, we once again witnessed the great feat of the people of the whole country working together. As a young man with a responsibility and an ideal, how can we not cry? How can we not be motivated? This also makes me firmly believe that China will be better and better. After all, the power of 1.4 billion people to unite is infinite! I do not regret entering China in this life, and I will be a Chinese in the next life! I hope the patients will hurry up Well, I hope the virus can be contained earlier, so that the medical staff can have a rest earlier


  My dream is to become a medical worker, like them, to carry on the load for others, for patients, and for human beings.