高一英语作文 时间:2020-03-03 冠状 高考 作文 


  Can gather firm confidence in the country and resolve to overcome difficulties. We need to purify our thoughts, renew our ideas, clear up our cognition and reexamine our life style and habits in the course of rebuke, grievance and firmness.


  "If everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world...". Recently, novel coronavirus has spread throughout the country and the world. The whole nation is in jittery. What I want to say is, don't be afraid. Let's overcome it with love and drive it away with love.


  Protect wildlife with love. Novel coronavirus is the bat that comes from many wild animal viruses. These viruses invade the human body because of the merciless killing and eating of these wild animals. The spread of the virus is mainly from the South China seafood market in Wuhan, where a large number of illegal transactions - wildlife trafficking. The wild animals killed by the merchants are placed everywhere, in which all kinds of wild animals can be bought, such as crocodiles, pangolins, and bats, the main source of the virus. People use bats to make bat soup and eat bat meat. The bats on the table in the picture have ferocious expressions. Some of them open their wings, some of them shrink to one side. They look like demons. How do these people put it into their mouths and taste it carefully?


  Most people eat wild game because its price is expensive, it can show off its wealth, or they think it can be replenished and kept healthy. It's funny to think about these reasons. The meat of wild game is rough and coarse. It's just a random guess of human beings. For one's own selfish desire, how many species are extinct by human slaughter, and how many species become physically disabled by human slaughter. Human beings are often retaliated by nature, but they still can't control their mouths. In the end, many people's appetite seems to destroy animals, but in fact, it's their own. On this issue, human self-discipline is the source of danger prevention. So please refuse to eat wild game in the future, from me to everyone, no business, no killing, take care of your mouth, don't hurt our lovely friends for some funny reasons, let's protect wild animals with love!


  Protect our angels in white with love. "I can't see your face, but I know that you are protecting my safety, thank you, the rebel of the epidemic!" at the front line of the epidemic is one after another angel in white, they wear heavy and thick protective clothing when the people need them, one by one under the bloated body, is the hand soaked in sweat, is the red mark reflected by the face mask. I remember Zhong Nanshan, who "sent all the serious patients to me" during the SARS period in 2003. Now in 2020, he is 84 years old. He left for Wuhan. When the country was threatened, he did not hesitate to go to Wuhan. The way he slept in the corner of the dining car on the train made people feel sad.


  Many of the young and promising doctors and nurses who volunteered to go to Wuhan fought off the rampant disease and died in the hands of the patients they rescued. In recent years, the frequent cases of medical injuries must also make many medical staff feel cold. They are heroes and should not shed blood and tears. When they charge ahead, they should be treated with kindness and respect even if there is no flowers and applause. Fear of death is instinctive; seek benefits and avoid harm, human nature, our angels in white, do not fear death, sacrifice ourselves for others, we should protect these angels in white with love to protect us!


  Protect everyone with love. Although you and I have never met, although we are far apart, I still protect you with love. At present, there is a shortage of human and material resources in Wuhan. Many people donate money to Wuhan to donate masks. They have to work hard to buy masks from various channels to support the people of Wuhan. There are many people going to the streets to give masks to the citizens, which is the love between people. At present, there are many unscrupulous businesses selling fake masks, recycling old masks and selling them again after processing. This kind of behavior is indifferent to the safety of other people's lives. Let's warm everyone with love and protect everyone with love!


  It's warm to see a sentence on the Internet: Wuhan is a stupid child. She accidentally makes herself sick. Her mother will take care of him with her brother and sister. Wuhan little fool should get better soon. Yes, my brothers and sisters are here to help you. As long as we unite as one, let love fill the world and treat everything with love, I believe Wuhan will be better! China will be better!


  Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!