Two Essays 两篇论文

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  Being Positive towards Life


  However hard the life is, we shouldn't lose heart or complain about the present situation. We may get a lot and lose so much in our journey, but keeping a positive attitude should always be together with us. Nothing can defeat us if we are confident and diligent. Just as saying goes, God is equal to everyone. As he closes the door, he will also open a window for us.


  To Be Enthusiastic


  Even though we're poor in knowledge, our thinking is infinite. Maybe we will make some great achievements, because we are enthusiastic. Whether we're experienced or not, it doesn't matter. Enthusiasm will take us further and deeper.


  Please remember, everyone is so talented, and no one is born stupid. Since there's an old saying, “Through a sand, we can see a world. In a flower, we can find a heaven.”