The Meaning of Sharing 分享的意义

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-15 意义 分享 Meaning 

  I believe when we were little babies, we were taught to learn to share with others. At first, I don’t understand. But now I can understand gradually. Share happiness will make me feel happier, while share my sadness with my friends will make me reduce sadness. When I told my friends I got the first praise in the recital contest, they all congratulated to me and said many good words, which made me happier. When I got blame from my teacher, I told my friends, which made me felt comfortable. Besides, their comfort also helped me feel better. What’s more, sharing my experience with others that help them lots can makes me feel satisfied. Anyway, sharing my emotion and things with others makes me feel awesome. You’d better try to learn to share, and then you will understand.