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  Britney Spears is a popular America singer. I like her very much. She is popular around the world. Her songs are familiar to the young generation. In 1999, she is known around the world by the song "Baby One More Time", and reached the record of 25 million albums. Because of cute face and sweet voice, she is called candycandy. However, her reputation is harm for too much gossip scandal.

  布兰妮·斯皮尔斯是一个很受欢迎的美国歌手。我很喜欢她.。她在全世界都很受欢迎。她的歌曲是对于年轻一代都是耳熟能详的。1999年凭借一首《Baby One More Time》红遍全球,并创下2500万张的专辑销售记录。因为可爱的脸蛋和甜美的声音,她被称为小甜甜。然而,却因为丑闻名声受损。