If I Had a Time Machine 如果我有时间机器

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-15 我有 机器 时间 

  If I were fortunate enough to be able to travel back to the past, I would like to take a rescue team to Zhu Jiang River in Guangzhou on March, 1st, 2013 when and where Zheng Yilong had rescued the drowning man at a price of his life. To be honest, it is his bravery and selflessness that touches me. So, I long for living with Zheng together. Also, if possible I would like to make friends with him. As it is known to all, Zheng is honored as a hero. And if I had a time machine, I would do my utmost to save his life to make him live with us for good.