My National Day 我的国庆节

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-14 国庆节 National Day 

  National day is the birthday of our party. It’s on the first day of October. It is my happy day, because I don’t need to go to school and have a rest for seven days. And my parents will take my elder sister and me out to play on national day every year. This year my parents took us to amusement park. Having breakfast, we set out. When we arrived the destiny, it has already 11o’clock. So we had to have lunch and then entered the park. We played lot of things, such as giant wheel, spacewalk,sea rover and so on. I like play sea rover the most. At first, I despised of it. But when the ship started to shake, I was afraid to death. I had to shout out to relieve my fears. When we got down on the ground, I found that my sister was pale around the gills. She said she would never play this again. But I felt excited, though I was a little afraid of it. I would play it again next time. It was a exciting and happy holiday. I will memorize it forever.