Food Culture in Western Countries 西方国家的饮食文化

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  In England, people always have some bread and milk for breakfast on weekday which is always in a hurry. But on weekends, breakfast is a big feast with bacon, porridge, coffee, eggs, toasts, cakes, and so on.


  As for lunch, it's always so simple. People usually have a sandwich or a hot dog. Some people also eat in a fast-Food restaurant nearby. This meal won’t last very long.


  Dinner is the biggest meal with potato, beef, chicken, soup, and some desserts. At this meal, people usually sit around the table and talk about their daily events. This is the best time for family gathering.


  Cheese is the most popular food in European Countries and the United States. According to different dishes and wine, different cheese is tied in. The simplest cheese is to put a certain amount of all kinds of cheese on a plate, called cheese dish.


  Jewish usually eat apples with honey on New Year's Day, in order to celebrate the happiest New Year.