Live in the Moment 活在当下

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-14 Live Moment Life 

  Life is not a task to finish, but a gift to enjoy. Don't save anything to a special occasion. Since every day we are living is a special occasion for us. We should make every day colorful and meaningful.


  Wherever we are, happiness should always be together with us. When we are happy, we can do anything at any time. For example, we can wear our new clothes; we can eat the delicious food; we can watch the interesting programs; we can play computer games; we can enjoy ourselves at the KTV; we can travel to any place we like; we can have a big party with our friends; we can also keep a good company with our families.


  But we shouldn't waste time on the meaningless things, because we have only one chance to live in the world, and we've got only one body as well. If we pass away, we can't enjoy ourselves at all. Why don't we take good care of ourselves? Wherever we are, we must treasure our life and our friends. We should cherish everything meaningful we have today.