Failure and Success 失败与成功

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-12 失败 成功 Failure 

  Failure is so common in our life. No one can avoid it. When we fail in doing something, we often feel so depressed that we have no interest in other things. Sometimes failure can also make us lose heart. Therefore, no one wants to be a failure.


  Success is what we all hope for, because it can bring us a sense of pride and a good reputation. The moment we succeed, we always feel so proud, as if having everything in our hands. If one enjoys his continuous success in his career, he will be famous and worshiped by others.


  However, failure is the mother of success. One failure doesn’t mean you can never be successful. It depends on what we do to deal with failure. Those who are always afraid of failure and can’t go through it will never win. But as long as we can get some lessons and experience from our failure, we’ll be sure to succeed.