My Hobby – Singing 我的爱好——唱歌

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-10 唱歌 爱好 Hobby 

  I enjoy singing very much. While singing, my heart as well as my body is joyful. When I'm happy, I often sing out to share my happiness with others. I also sing out to pour out my bad feelings when I'm upset.


  I like pop music most, because I want to follow the trend. I prefer soft music to rock music. Since we may be very tired after a long day's work, we need a rest very much. Perhaps soft music is the best recreation for us. My favorite pop stars are JJ and Jay Chou. They always make a wonderful performance on the stage. Their songs are so charming. I admire them very much.


  In my spare time, I often sing a song to others. Everyone is so happy to be my listener, because I'm very brave and confident. Even though I couldn't be a professional singer, I can still get a lot of good fun from singing. Because of singing, my life becomes more colorful.