The most beautiful memory 最美好的回忆

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-04 最美 beautiful memory 

  My grandma lived in the country twelve years ago. At that time, I often went to visit my grandparents with my parents during the holidays. Although I was very young then, now I can still remember a lot of things there clearly.


  I was very glad when we went to the country. I enjoyed seeing the Beautiful things in the countryside. My grandpa grew many kinds of vegetables in his garden, such as cabbages, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. Every morning, he fetched water from a river, and then watered the vegetables. Grandpa took good care of his vegetables as if they were his children. When autumn came, the garden was covered with greenery(绿色植物). Grandpa was always happy to see that. My grandma kept many chickens. They were all very lively. I liked playing with them; sometimes I had dinner with them playing around. I always thought they loved me.


  There was a small forest near my grandparents’ house. The trees were very thick. I usually played with my cousin in the woods after a meal. We could hear the birds singing in the trees and see many small animals playing in the grass. The air in the woods was fresh because of the trees. We usually played a game called “Mud Fighting”(打泥仗). First, we made mud balls. The more, the better; the bigger, the better. Then, we threw them at each other. The person who hit the other person first was the winner. We liked the game though it made our clothes dirty.


  In front of the woods, there was a small river. The water in the river was very clean and not very deep. In summer, it was quite cool. However, it became warm in winter. I could see many fishes in the river. Sometimes, my grandpa caught some fishes for supper. How delicious they were! There was a bridge which was made of stone over the river. I could go across the bridge to the other side. There were also many beautiful flowers and lines of trees on the banks of the river.


  Eight years ago my grandparents moved to the city and I’ve never gone to that village. However, I still remember it. I love the village and everything there and I will remember it forever!