Colorful Life 丰富多彩的生活

原创英语作文 时间:2020-08-04 多彩 生活 Colorful 

  As a middle school student, usually I’m busy and have no time to do other things. But in my spare time, I like reading and traveling. I think they’re fit for me.


  A good book is a friend who never turns his back upon us. Reading makes me get a lot of knowledge. I usually read classics. They improve my philological ability(语言能力) and makes me know much different philological style in different countries.


  Well, traveling is good, too. I’ve been to many cities. I think I am just like a modern “Xu Xiake”(徐霞客). It opens up my eyes to the outside world, and makes me feel many different customs.


  In 2001, at the age of ten, I went to Beijing to take part in a chorus(合唱) competition by myself. It was my first time to travel without my parents. At first I felt very excited. I had a very heavy bag, and I had to carry it on my back. Then on the train, I couldn’t go to sleep. I missed my home and my parents, and my tears rolled down my face. In Beijing, I visited a lot of places of interest. In my opinion, Beijing, the capital of China, is a mixture of modern civilization and ancient civilization. In Beijing Science Museum, I got a lot of knowledge. Also, I got a lot from other activities.


  Life may be sour, sweet, bitter or hot. It gives us different feelings. Life is like a poem, which gives us taste; life is as beautiful as songs; life is also like paintings, and it is very Colorful!