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  After the outbreak of novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan, the Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the disease and made timely deployment to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic.


  In fact, in addition to the determination and efforts of the government departments, the role of every ordinary citizen can not be ignored.


  Pay attention to hygiene, benefit people and self-interest. To develop good health habits is not only about ourselves, but also about others. If there is less one patient, there will be less one source of transmission. Experts say it's everyone's responsibility to protect themselves and others. If wearing masks, N95 or medical surgical masks should be worn instead of cotton masks. They should also wash their hands and face frequently, pay attention to eye, nose and oral hygiene, and avoid going to public places.


  Take care of yourself, take care of yourself. If you are a vegetable market vendor, please stop selling wild game; if you are a "foodie", please control your mouth and stop eating wild game. The novel coronavirus infection is closely related to the seafood market in Southern China, Wuhan, according to the geographic distribution of the infected population. The survey shows that there was a wild sale of wild animal in the seafood market. However, the SARS outbreak more than ten years ago was probably related to wild game eating. The lesson is profound enough.


  Don't spread false information. Be careful to "forward". After the outbreak, some sensational rumors have begun to spread in the self media. So, please don't be "too fast" and think about it before forwarding the epidemic information - is this information sent by the authoritative department and the authoritative media? Is it against the common sense? In particular, those unconfirmed "scary" news and statements should be considered. If you forward it at will, or even make false rumors by yourself, it will not only cause social disorder, cause unnecessary panic, but also violate relevant laws and regulations.


  Follow the rules and don't get away with it. This new type of pneumonia epidemic has confirmed the existence of "human to human" phenomenon. In theory, if people stop flowing, the virus will lose its way of transmission, and the epidemic will not be rampant - of course, in modern society, it is unrealistic to stop people flowing, especially at the moment of spring Festival when everyone is back to their hearts. But some trips can be adjusted by themselves. Academician Zhong Nanshan suggested that if you feel uncomfortable, you should not travel in the Spring Festival, especially if you have a fever and are in Wuhan. Members of the high-level expert group of the national health and Health Commission also called for: if you can not go to Wuhan now, you will not go, and if you can not come out, you will not come out. The thoroughfare of nine provinces in Wuhan is very important. According to the current epidemic situation, most of the patients have been to Wuhan. It would be inconvenient for individuals to follow the advice of academician Zhong, etc., but it is an effective way to control the spread of the epidemic when the epidemic is not very clear and at the very moment when there is a large flow of people during the Spring Festival.


  Believe in science and have confidence. In the face of the epidemic situation, we should be prepared to prevent and control it, but we should not be pessimistic. We should believe in science, build up confidence, and publicize scientific knowledge of epidemic prevention. Did not the fierce "SARS" epidemic at that time be held down by the unity of the whole nation and scientific prevention and control? Authoritative experts said that after SARS, a set of safe outpatient prevention and control system, as well as a set of treatment and rescue methods, has been established all over the country. "Don't be afraid. If you are infected, you must go to the hospital in time." Some patients in Wuhan have also been cured and discharged.


  In times of crisis, a citizen's quality can be tested most. To curb the new pneumonia epidemic, responsible citizens are not only the protected, but also the active actors in the prevention chain. At an extraordinary moment, the key to control the epidemic may be for everyone to sacrifice some inconveniences, transfer some rights and reduce some gains. Don't feel that the epidemic seems to be far away from you and carelessly. The number of patients everywhere is still rising, paralyzing!


  Only through scientific prevention and control can we bind the plague and let the whole nation have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.