Love the tender sword, retrograde line for camp. Thousands of miles to fight against the epidemic. No complaints. Soldiers of the National Guard.


  If you get help from all sides, you will be shocked. Everywhere apricot forest winter gradually goes, the national scholar does not talk about merit or fame. I hope spring will come early.


  It should have been the joy of the whole winter, the wanton growth of warm sun, and the joyful return of thousands of students to the school, but a sudden disaster broke all this without leaving a trace of emotion.


  It is not so much that this virus has taken us a period of time to learn and grow up on campus, but rather that it has brought each of us a very profound and life-long lesson on another level.


  This life lesson really brought too much warmth and moving. From Professor Zhong Nanshan, an old man, to retrograde, his tearful but firm eyes, slight and kind words, appeased countless people; from Academician Li Lanjuan's proposal of "closing the city" to the front line; to countless "angels in white" and the determination of the armed police officers and soldiers; to the completion and delivery of huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals; And then to the help of countless caring people Too many scenes, too many moments make us move again and again.


  But what this big lesson brings us is not only moving, but also thinking. Through this disaster, we can clearly see the commonness of human nature and the insignificance of human beings: a small number of people's mistakes cause countless people to be affected, some extreme patients do not cooperate in treatment and even want to infect others, and some unscrupulous businesses donate to others When you give it away, it's hard to make a fortune The other side of human nature is how dirty and terrible.


  The first lesson wants to convey "the power of thinking" and "the power of action". In this case, we should think about life and nature, responsibility and mission, love and pay. We should also give action. After this disaster, we should learn to respect life, respect nature and cherish.


  Speaking of this, I would like to talk about the epidemic from my own point of view as a middle school student. "Wuhan is a very heroic city..." Professor Zhong Nanshan's words touched countless people. It was a national disaster. When some people were insulting Chinese society, they were sick, I saw clearly the heroes and the real backbone of China. "I'm Chinese", a man who donated a mask and left his name as a Chinese made me cry in an instant. It was this national disaster that made us see the backbone of China.


  Dr. Li's death is an indelible and painful stroke in the whole anti epidemic process, so some people began to doubt the system, but I always believe that the system itself has no problems, it is the problems that prove it is the right system. The departure of this great "whistleblower" has been a blow to all: we lack a sense of security and public health vigilance. His departure has long been so sad and speechless that we should accept this fact. It is imperative that we learn from his departure. As Dostoevsky said, "the most important thing is that we should be kind first, honest second, and never forget each other in the future."


  The beginning of 2020 is very poor. In this beginning, we have been accepting the lesson of losing the necessary experience of life. In the dark, nature is telling us to learn to cherish the present. There are many ways to cherish it. Just as our No.1 middle school can bless Wuhan with such a triumphant song as 2020 in such a difficult period, just as we should study diligently at home and so on. Action is to cherish, standing in place and so on is to lose.


  I would like to mention more about our senior three students in 2020. Unfortunately, we are the most special. We met SARS when we were born, and won a new title near the college entrance examination. However, through these experiences, we will understand that people are hard-working and hard-working to survive in nature. Heroes have always come out of tribulations, while the first middle school has always been heroic. In the near future, we will Come, we will break through all kinds of obstacles, so Lingyun high aspirations.


  Finally, I would like to offer my great respect for the anti epidemic travelers and my best wishes to Wuhan, Yongkang and every place in China.