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  In the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze warms Tu Su, and thousands of families always exchange the new peach for the old one.


  Who is richer than the firecrackers? Treat and send gifts to climb the door; mixed feelings and confused days, only hope to return to the old picture in the new spring.


  -- inscription


  "The Spring Festival is the most important, ceremonious and the largest traditional festival of our nation". The spring festival activities are rich and colorful, with couplets, new year's greetings, firecrackers and family reunions It is full of Chinese unique culture and spirit. However, looking back on recent years, the festival of "exultation" has exposed too much content that is not in harmony with the ideal of a harmonious society that we pursue.


  As we grow older, we always feel that the atmosphere of the festival is becoming less and less. In the past, the whole family gathered together, and a large table of people were eating hot meals, which were more fragrant. Now, too many people for convenience, choose to raise money to eat in the hotel, people also light leisure. Before, we chose to watch the Spring Festival Gala and the first bell of the new year. But in recent years, there are still a few people who can watch the Spring Festival Gala in front of the TV. Local TV stations all hold the Spring Festival Gala. Similar content and sensationalism make people who originally wanted to wait for the bell sound in the company of TV. The Spring Festival has become a burden for some people, both material and spiritual. Always hear someone complain: Alas, the more money spent on New Year! The gift is too good to give. I feel heartache. It's not rare for ordinary people. It's poor and can't take it. The gift was disharmonious.


  Spring Festival is a good opportunity for some people. Spring Festival treats and presents, which is called "connecting feelings", in fact, "the meaning of drunk is not wine". If you ask for help, you can't be empty handed; if you give gifts to others, you can't be magnanimous; if you give gifts during the Spring Festival, don't you have a proper name? Therefore, the Spring Festival is full of excitement. There are always so many places like a city, asking for money and officials for disaster relief. In the hotel, the business is prosperous, because it is the treasure land of those who ask for official wealth. They can get the attention of senior officials, and then fly to the branches to become Phoenix. Alas, "there is a gold house in the shop, a jade like face in the shop, and a thousand millet in the shop.". Giving gifts on the table is not the best way, so they seek other ways. At this time, our innocent and lively children are involved in the crime without any reason.


  It's an important custom of Spring Festival to give lucky money. For some people who are eager for leadership, new year's money has become the best package of gifts in disguise. "It's common to pay a lot of money to the children of the leader's family when they come to the leader's house to celebrate the Spring Festival. Even the news of giving money to the pets of the leader's house is occasionally heard. It is said that "when one person gets the way, the chickens and dogs will rise to the sky". When the Spring Festival comes, it is "when one person gets the way, the chickens and dogs will get the red envelopes."


  However, no matter how shameful the above behaviors are, Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai, one willing to fight and one willing to suffer. Hatefully, when the Spring Festival is coming, businesses will try their best to carry out various promotional activities to deceive the public. The media constantly revealed that the activities of "full delivery and return" did not bring real benefits to consumers, but gradually lured consumers into the price trap. What's more, some businesses, in order to make a big profit, unknowingly relabel the expired stocks for sale, in order to make the food look fresh and beautiful, sometimes add some harmful chemicals to human health, some even endanger people's lives.


  The sinister society diluted the Spring Festival which should be full of human feelings. The apathy of the family has put a big question mark on our Spring Festival Culture and spirit. It seems that every family is in harmony with each other by lighting up, cleaning the house, buying new year's products, entertaining and giving gifts, and going through the door. However, what I see is the following picture: father and mother work hard to help, but they are put aside to enjoy the "candlelight dinner" of two people while eating; the daughter and son-in-law who wanted to talk with each other for a long time can't match the charm of mahjong after all; they want to be intimate with their nephew, but they are played around. They need children's greetings, children throw in a few pieces of money; they need children's care, children bring their own sorrow and complaints


  From the moment the New Year bell rings, I hear a sigh and hope: come back, Spring Festival. From far away, the sound is getting closer and louder